"Like a Butterfly"

"Like a Butterfly" was written for the Els for Autism Foundation's "Grand Finale" in Las Vegas, NV


I wish that I could fly so high, oh like a butterfly

Flying through the air so high, oh like a butterfly

Verse 1:

A moth is a butterfly without any colors

But what's beautiful is what's inside

Maybe a moth is just a butterfly trying to hide

Well I'm just a caterpillar crawling around, knowledge in my head, but my feet on the ground

Soon I'll be like an angel in the sky, like a butterfly


Verse 2:

Like a bird I was meant to soar, I will fly through the sunlight and even when it pours

You can't stop me when I get ahold of the wind

In the future, your eyes will light up, to think that I was once a poor caterpup.

We'll grow up and take to the sky, like a flock of butterflies



You'll be surprised at just what I can do

If you nurture me and you see me through

In due time, I'll shed and I'll become new

I'll see things from a higher point of view, we'll fly together me and you. 

Now I could fly so high, cause I'm a butterfly

I'm Flying through the air so high, oh I'm a butterfly 

I'm a butterfly